Generate your own power. Some examples of this might be methods using solar or wind technologies to produce your own energy.

Using recycled materials-Construction is a great way to employ the use of previously used building materials. It has been noted that many different things can be used in construction some of which are soda cans, bottles, metals, used vehicle tires and many other everyday items.

Water conservation is of great importance to the environment. It is recorded that here in America we use 260 gallons of water per day in the average home. Small savings of water like installing timers on irrigation sprinklers for the lawn or simply turning the water off when brushing your teeth can add up to major savings on you water consumption.

Energy efficient appliances such as washers, dryers, stoves, and refrigerators require large amounts of electricity. By applying some of the energy ratings such as Energy Star rating, an international standard to measure efficient consumer products, there’s a 30% savings by using this rating.

Proper Insulation can save hundreds to thousands of dollars off your electricity costs. Methods such as log walls, straw bales, or even rammed earth will help provide great insulation for your home.

Many times you can build an eco-friendly home for the same amount as just a regular home.

Green Construction Projects

Building projects, as with many other endeavors, benefit all of us to consider what is best for the planet and, in turn, that will be best for everyone.

With the sharp increases in the cost of energy it becomes more and more important to choose building materials with the impact on the environment an important consideration.

The right selection of building materials helps the environment by using the best insulation available to keep the cold out in the winter and the heat at bay in the summer months.

By using the proper insulation the energy used can be reduced greatly. The choice of proper green products for your home or office can go a long way to insure the safety and health of those living in that particular environment. www.jerseyshore.construction contractors may be very helpful in recommending the right solar solution for your home or office.
It’s better to begin with the plans for a project considering and implementing the necessary elements of a green project rather than trying to retrofit an established building with the necessary elements to achieve a green environment.

Below are a few ways that “going green” can be achieved:

Generating your own power
Energy efficient appliances
Water conservation
Proper Insulation

Solar Kits have become very popular since the price of energy has become so high. Solar roofing systems in New Jersey have increased since the reality of the harsh winters in the northeast have resulted in increasingly high energy cost.

Both residential roofing contractors and commercial roof contractors offer solar or green solutions for many construction projects.

Building Your Own Fence to Increase The Value of Your Home

Get the necessary information you need to build your own fence and save money. Be sure to check the building codes for your area to insure every thing is done right.

The first question to answer is what kind fence do I want and am I building it for security or privacy or both?

Once your have decided this there is a wide selection of fence building supplies available to build exactly the fence you want.

Be sure to have your land surveyed so that you are confidant of building on your own property.

Order your supplies and have them delivered.

Once the above decisions have been made it’s time to space the fence posts with the standard distance between posts being 6′ to 8′.depending on the type of fence and the lay of the land.

The next step is setting the fence posts which should be about a third under ground. A post hole digger is a smart purchase for this job.

Be sure to use treated wood for the posts as you do not want to have to replace them. Set the posts in concrete and measure using a level which will make sure the post of level and in line with one another.

Add the fence rails with the bottom rail being at least 2″ from the ground.